The Newbies
Anonymous: Could you add the character and ship tags to the tags page please? Just so it's easier.

If you click on the Actor, it will take you to anything with them. I don’t have separate tags for the actors and characters, so honestly if you click on Blake Jenner you’ll get mostly Ryder. But I can add ships for you!

Anonymous: Can you make gifs of their solo or "breakout" performances on glee? Thank you in advance :D

Yeah of course!

Anonymous: Isn't unique a part of the newbies?

I mean, technically she was apart of season 3, so I never really thought of her as a newbie. But I’d be happy to make gifs of her if you have requests regarding specific episodes.

Anonymous: Please update :( I miss the newbies soo much thank you :)

Oh I will! I’m thinking of doing some requests actually, so if anyone as has any ideas or au requests please send them in!

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Or that I don’t occasionally look at your facebook page to check your status.

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Okay. I was just trying to be nice.

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Marley Rose in Movin’ Out

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Anonymous: Hi! I would just like to say that i totally love the fact that you support the newbies and i hope that you'll keep on posting more! :D So happy to know that i'm not the only one who admires the new cast. :D

Oh don’t worry I’ll keep posting. I’ve kind of hit a dry spell just because school and work are keeping me busy and making it so I don’t really have the want to make gifs, but hopefully I’ll post more soon. I love the newbies, you’re not the only one. I’m here along with my 1500 followers. Hopefully they won’t be kicked off the show and I’ll get to keep making new gifs for you guys!

Anonymous: can you do a Jyder AU when Jake is Katie?

Yeah I can try that.

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Rachel Berry and Marley Rose parallels

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